Sasa haki ya Mungu ipo kwa njia ya Imani katika Yesu kristo kwa wote waaminio.

FANYA UAMUZI SASA!!! Mtu ye yote asiyeuchukua msalaba wake na kuja nyuma yangu, hawezi kuwa mwanafunzi wangu (Yesu). Lk 14:27

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Thursday, August 25, 2005


Chances are, you will face an ethical dilemma sometime during your career. Here’s how to do the right thing.

By:Peter John.

The vice president of finance suspects that several subordinates spend too much time using the Internet for non work-related issues. He asks you to monitor the employees’ email, URL visits and downloads, then report back to him in one week. You’re thinking, “This really isn’t a computer-capability issue, it’s about ethics.” To remain “in-the-know” and in “good standing,” do you just obey the boss? >>>>more


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