Sasa haki ya Mungu ipo kwa njia ya Imani katika Yesu kristo kwa wote waaminio.

FANYA UAMUZI SASA!!! Mtu ye yote asiyeuchukua msalaba wake na kuja nyuma yangu, hawezi kuwa mwanafunzi wangu (Yesu). Lk 14:27

Location: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


Friday, September 16, 2005


An electronic paint brush developed in the US is helping children understand the world around them.

The brush helps children give meaning to what they see
The I/O Brush is the brainchild of Kimiko Ryokai, a researcher at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
The device allows children to pick up colours and textures from their environment and paint with them on a large digital screen.
Ms Ryokai has dubbed it the I/O Brush as it has an input and an output. The children just call it the magic paint brush and use it in ways she never anticipated.
As a member of the Tangible Media Group at MIT, she seeks to create bridges between the physical world and the virtual environment of computers and networks.
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